Pure down duvets are the ultimate in warmth and lightness.

Pure down is the most luxurious filling.  Down/Feather 30/70 mix duvets are slightly heavier and fantastic value for money.

Pure down duvet in storage bag


  1. Pure down or down/feather mix fillings.
  2. Season weights: Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Warmth levels can be customized.
  3. Size range: Single, Three/quarter, Double, Queen, King. Extra length or width is also available.

All our duvet casings are made of 100% cotton, 230 thread-count, down-proof fabric, box stitched to maintain an even distribution of this quality filling, with piping and double stitching all round to ensure the down cannot escape. 

SINGLE130x200R 2,290R 3,190R 3,990
THREE/QUARTER150x200R 2,690R 3,690R 4,690
DOUBLE200x200R 3,390R 4,790R 5,990
QUEEN230x200R 3,790R 5,190R 6,890
KING230x220R 4,190R 5,790R 7,590
SUPER KING250x230R 4,590R 6,390R 8,390
XX SUPER KING260x240R 5,190R 6,890R 8,990
Do you want your duvet slightly warmer or cooler? We can do that.

Pure down duvets

Pure down clusters

Pure down is the ultimate in warmth without weight in winter, and it keeps you cool in summer.

Down/feather duvets

Tiny feathers and down clusters

Only the smallest of feathers are mixed together with down in our 30:70, down:feather mix for a good quality, low cost alternative to pure down.

SINGLE130x200R 1,690R 2,190R 2,690
THREE/QUARTER150x200R 1,990R 2,690R 3,090
DOUBLE200x200R 2,490R 3,390R 3,990
QUEEN230x200R 2,790R 3,690R 4,490
KING230x220R 2,990R 3,990R 4,990
SUPER KING250x230R 3,290R 4,490R 5,590
XX SUPER KING260x240R 3,590R 4,790R 5,990
If you want your duvet to be lighter, warmer or cooler, just ask.